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Fall/Winter 2023-2024


We are excited to be offering water polo again this fall every Saturday from 7-8pm at Panorama!

This option will be available to swimmers in White groups and up who are comfortable being in the ‘big pool’ and able to comfortably tread water. It will be starting this Saturday, November 4th and run every Saturday until December 9th, except for next week which is Remembrance Day (November 11th). We hope to be able to offer another session in the new year as well. 

Registration:  // CLOSED //

The cost for 5 sessions will be $75 for those already registered as Piranhas swimmers. Given that the entire pool is needed for this activity, the cost for the pool rental is quite high and therefore we are not able to offer a family discount.

Any questions? Please reach out to Heather Strosher at  

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