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To register for any Piranhas program, your swimmer must either first complete an assessment or be an existing swimmer. Assessments are done to ensure swimmers are placed in the correct group for their skill level.


As a reminder, anyone under 7 years old must have a parent/guardian in the pool with them.



  • Winter Swim Program:

    • August

    • Exact dates TBA

  • Summer Swim Program:

    • March​

    • Exact dates TBA


  • Panorama Recreation Pool


  • FREE

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Due to high demand for spaces in our program the Saanich Peninsula Piranhas Swim Club will use the following priority list for registrations in Winter Maintenance and our Summer Competitive season.


The tables below outline the priority levels depending on which session you are registering for.

   Priority Level  Registration for Winter Maintenance                                 


1st   Most recent summer session

2nd   Most recent winter session

3rd   Siblings of registered swimmers*

4th   General Public*                                                                                          

Priority Level  Registration for Summer Competitive


1st  Most recent winter session

2nd  Most recent summer session

3rd  Siblings of registered swimmers*

4th  General Public*

*Note: All swimmers new to the program including siblings will need to be assessed to determine if they are ready to join and for group placement.

Emails will be sent to all swimmers in groups based on priority and given a deadline to declare their intent to swim in the current session. Swimmers who have declared their intent to swim and don’t register and pay in Active will forfeit their spot, giving another swimmer a chance to register.

A wait list will be set up for the general public to declare their interest and will be organized on a first come first served basis.

Assessments are required for all swimmers new to the program to determine group placement.




Please check out our FAQ under PARENT INFO at the top.

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