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Winter 2023/2024 Coaches

Senior Coach

Hey everyone! My name is Emma and I am so happy to be coaching with the Piranhas!
When I’m not coaching at the pool, I’m working at a preschool in Victoria! This year I will be heading to Camosun to study Early Learning & Care.
I have always loved swimming and this will be my tenth year with the club! I have also worked with Island Swimming and SD63 in their elementary school swim club program.
My main goal as a coach is to create an environment where kids can have as much fun as possible while also improving their skills in the pool!


Hi everyone, my name is Pyper and I’m super excited to be coaching with the Piranhas! 


I grew up swimming and competing until I graduated highschool, and have loved continuing my involvement in the sport through coaching. I am level 1 certified through CSCA, and I coached winter swimming with Island Swimming Club for around 4 years in both the junior and competitive pool. I took a break from coaching this winter to focus on school, and am so happy to be back on deck this summer.


This will be my second summer coaching with Piranhas, and I am super stoked to be in the junior pool! I believe that swimming should be fun and engaging, and the junior pool is a great place to get creative while teaching the fundamentals of swimming. I love that each swimmer brings unique energy and personality to practice, and I am pumped to work with them this summer.


Hi everyone, I’m Linnea and I’m so stoked to be back coaching Piranhas this season!


I have grown up in the Piranhas community over the last 11 years, going from Minis all the way up to Red group. I have been competing with the club for as long as I can remember, and it has been my second family ever since I joined! I volunteered in both the big pool and little pool for roughly 4 years before coaching the little pool last year during winter maintenance. I’m super happy to be back! Aside from coaching, I have been a Lifeguard and Swim Instructor at Panorama for about a year and a half, and I am in my grade 12 year at Stelly’s. 

I am very passionate about the positive influences of sports throughout your childhood. Through Piranhas I have learned so much in the pool, but I have also learned a lot about the mental aspects of sport, while making amazing friendships along the way. I hope to create an environment that provides all of these things and continues the incredible Piranhas culture established by both swimmers and coaches in the past.


Hi Everyone!


My name is Tessa Hunter-Siebert, and I have been with the Piranhas since 2012 when I was in kindergarten. Many of my most treasured childhood memories are connected to summer swimming. 


Along the way, I've had many amazing coaches that have helped me on my journey; I'm excited to give back and support the next generation of young swimmers.


Hi, my name is Lily and I’m coaching in the junior pool this winter!

I’ve been swimming with Piranhas since the summer of 2014. I’ve done lots of volunteer coaching throughout the past few years but this is my first year as an official coach! I think swimming is a fun place for kids to grow a love for sports and to get to connect with their peers and community. I’m so excited to get to know all the new and ongoing swimmers this year and to have a lot of fun while still learning!


Hey everyone, I’m Katie and I am excited to be coaching the minis and big fish 1 and 2 this season.


I’ve always loved swimming and have been swimming with the piranhas since I was seven. I started volunteer coaching three years ago in the little pool and it has been a great experience and I have loved it ever since. I recently joined winter swimming with Island Swimming and I’m glad to still have a connection with the piranhas.


My favourite part of swimming is all the amazing community. I’ve made some of my closest friends in swimming, I’ve even became really good friends with people from other clubs that I have competed against. I believe summer swimming is a great opportunity for everyone to build a love for swimming in a fun and healthy way. 


Hi everyone my name is Mia Paterson and I am so excited to be coaching in the junior pool this year.


I started to volunteer coach 3 years ago and it has been a blast. I am so excited to be an official coach this year and to have an amazing time getting to know all the swimmers this year.


I started swimming with the piranhas the summer of 2018, the club and the sport have been a very important part of my life ever since. I love the friendships I have made throughout the years. I believe that swimming is a place where you can be yourself and a place where you will always feel safe and welcomed.


I hope every new swimmer develops the same love for the sport as I have.


Hey everybody! My name is Maddie and I’m so excited to be back coaching with Piranhas this winter!


I’ve been swimming with Piranhas for the last two years, and I am back for my final season in Red group. Prior to Piranhas, I spent 7 years with Island Swimming. When I’m not swimming or coaching, I am on the pool deck as a Lifeguard or Swim Instructor. 


I am so happy to be back in the Junior Pool for the winter! In the last 9 years I’ve been swimming, I have learnt so many things, not only in the pool but out. I’ve also had the incredible opportunity to make lasting friendships through the sport. I look forward to getting to know everyone while learning the fundamentals of swimming. I hope to bring lots of positive energy to the pool and allow for other swimmers to have the same incredible experience I’ve had in the sport! 


Hello everyone!


My name is Simon Makuch and I will be coaching junior swimmers this winter. I have been a volunteer coach for a few years, and I am excited to now be part of the coaching team.


The water is something that I have loved since before I could walk. I got hooked on swimming at our place in Lake Cowichan, and then I joined Piranhas in Grade 3. My participation in summer swimming came later and I have really enjoyed the competition. I've attended most meets in recent years and have competed at the BC High School Championships and BC Summer Swimming Provincials.


I have been influenced by great coaches over the years who have helped me grow and develop into the swimmer I am today. It's my hope to share my passion and knowledge with younger swimmers to make swimming a positive experience for younger swimmers.

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