Meet  your 2021 COACHES

Assistant Head Coach
Fynn is returning to the Saanich Peninsula Piranhas Swim Club as Head Coach!
He has been with the club for 5 years, and has worked through every level from Junior Coach up to Head Coach, and has worked with athletes from Mini Piranhas to our Masters program.
Prior to coaching with Piranhas, Fynn swam and coached with a local winter swimming organization, Island Swimming. During his seven years as a coach with Island, he attended several coaching conferences, coached at regional 10 and under camps, and became a trained CSCA level 1 coach.
He is currently studying Kinesiology at Camosun College, and enjoys applying his physiological learnings at school to his coaching with Piranhas. Fynn's ultimate goal is to create a positive and inclusive environment for all swimmers to learn and grow as athletes. Through emphasizing the fun and joyful component of competitive swimming, Fynn hopes to increase athlete’s level of enjoyment in sport and foster a sense of belonging for all in sport.

I am glad to be returning once again for another summer with the Piranhas.


I am originally from Kamloops before moving to Victoria in high school and have been swimming competitively for 14 years now.


Over this time, I have been a member of the provincial swimming team from 2012-2017 and have competed at numerous provincial and national competitions where I have medaled.


Currently, I am in the Chemistry for the Medical Sciences Program at UVic in addition to being a member of the varsity swim team. I compete in the Freestyle, Backstroke, and IM events during the varsity season, and several open water 5 km and 10 km events.


I look forward to being able to use the many different coaching styles and techniques that I have experienced over the years to help our athletes succeed both in and out of the pool.

Senior Coach
Junior Coach
 Junior Coach
Hey everyone! My name is Emma and I am so happy to be coaching with the Piranhas again this summer!
When I’m not coaching at the pool, I’m working at a preschool in Victoria! Next year I will be heading to Camosun to study Early Learning & Care.
I have always loved swimming and this will be my tenth year with the club! I have also worked with Island Swimming and SD63 in their elementary school swim club program.
My main goal as a coach is to create an environment where kids can have as much fun as possible while also improving their skills in the pool!
Junior Coach
Junior Coach
Hi everyone! My name is Erik, and I am super excited to be coaching with Piranhas this summer!
I coached with Piranhas last winter but this is my first summer coaching with them. I have been swimming with Piranhas for the past 8 years and I coached with Piranhas last winter, but I’m super excited to be able to coach with them this summer. I have loved swimming for as long as I can remember and I'm super glad that I can help share and encourage this passion in other young swimmers!
As a coach my goal is to make sure the swimmers are always having fun and doing the best they can, while still making sure that swimmers can achieve their goals.
Can’t wait to see you all on deck!

Hi my name is Erin, 

I am very excited to be coaching Summer Club for the first time this year!


I have been a swim coach for a total of 6 years and was a swimmer myself for 8 years in Winter club. Currently I am a student at Camosun College working on getting my Bachelor of Kinesiology as well as coaching full time between winter and summer club.


I have always been a very busy and active athlete myself involved in multiple different sports and I enjoy being able to help younger athletes stay involved with sport whether it be in a pool or elsewhere! 

Hi! I’m Kaitlyn and I’m really excited to be coaching with Piranhas for the first time!


I swam with Island Swimming for about 9 years and also coached with them for 3 years. I really enjoyed my time in the water with my friends and teammates so I’m very happy to be back at the pool!


My goals with young swimmers always involves helping them out with their technique using drills and challenges that make swimming easier and more fun!


I hope those who join us and this team get to use their skills outside of the pool as well and hopefully get a chance to swim in a lake or the ocean this summer!

Hi everyone! My name is Sophie.


I have swam competitively since I was 7 years old with a winter swimming club.


This past year I have been training with the Vikes at the University of Victoria. I am just finishing up my first year at university in the visual arts department.


I'm really excited to be coaching again this season and have the opportunity to be a part of the piranhas!