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Family Dentistry

Dr. Derek  & Dr. Mark Hopkins

Purdy's Easter Chocolate Fundraiser

Calling all chocolate lovers!!

Stock up on your favourite Purdy's Easter treats (did someone say Hedgehogs?) AND support a great cause at the same time—it’s the best of both worlds. All fundraising profits raised will directly support our swim club, so every order makes a great difference to us.

Ordering is as easy as eating chocolate. Just click the link , fill out your info, click “Join Campaign”, enter campaign number - 66945 (or search for Piranhas), and order to your heart’s content!

Thank you EVERYONE for your support. Even if you can’t buy chocolates from us, it would mean the world if you could share this fundraiser link to everyone you know!

Our Water Polo program still has space! Fees are pro-rated so you can start any time.

Practices are at Panorama Rec 7-8 pm on Saturdays

Water Polo

Important Dates

Winter Maintenance 22/23

Please find a schedule of important dates including holidays & special events here.

Equipment List 

The following items are required for swimmers training during our summer session:

Swimmers Snorkel: White - Red group. Helps swimmers develop technique without the need to adjust head position for breathing    

Recommendation: Finis Swimmers Snorkel

Fins: White - Red group. Helps swimmers grasp difficult drills. Works on resistance training and can be a useful tool for swimmers. 

Recommendations: Arena Powerfin Pro, Arena PowerfinsSpeedo Switchblade Training Fins


Paddles: Red group. Works on resistance training which can be beneficial depending on PHV. 

Recommendations: TYR Catalyst Stroke Training Paddles, Arena Elite Finger Paddle

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