Tips for New Families


  • The heat sheet is where you will find out what events, heats and lanes your swimmer will be in. Many people like to sharpie this information on their swimmer's arms. 


  • Swimmers and families wait outside in the team tent area for their events. Due to limited pool deck seating families head in to the pool once their child is marshalled, watch the event, then leave the pool deck to make room for other families.


  • Be sure to keep track of the meet and get your child to marshalling when their event is called. 


  • Once your child is marshalled you can leave - they are in good hands, promise! It's good practice for them to not expect you to be there all the time. Once you get to Regionals and Provincials your child can be DQ'd if their parent is in the marshalling area.


  • Please do not walk behind the blocks unless you are heading to your timing shift! Stay in the spectator only areas of the pool deck.


  • Sign up for a timing shift - it's a really easy job and offers the best seats in the house. No experience required!


  • Do not take your child away from the facility if they still have events. Because meets are run by event, not by time, it is impossible to know what time a specific event will occur.  


  • The coaches create the relay teams based on meet registration. The teams will be posted in the team tent area on the morning of the meet. Please do NOT LEAVE if your child is in a relay! We often mix divisions so everyone gets a chance to participate in a relay - this means there is a chance your Div 1 swimmer is on a Div 7 relay team - it's a lot of fun for both the young and older swimmers to race together.   If you leave the meet and miss your relay the rest of the relay team will not be able to swim and you will not be placed on any relays for the rest of the season.