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Swim meets are an exciting part of our Summer Competitive season.  All Swimmers are encouraged to participate as much as possible.

Parent Expectations


Swimmer Expectations

Swimmers are representing the Piranhas Swim Club at all times, and must conduct themselves in a way that respects themselves, their team mates, coaches, and other clubs. 


Improper language, drinking, and drugs are not permitted at any time.

Show your Piranhas pride. Wear your Piranhas swim cap and colours, t-Shirts and towels to represent your club.

Swimmers look forward to competing at swim meets as they finally get to apply the skills they have been working on every day, have fun, meet new friends and race. Swim meets can’t happen without parent help; from fun meets to provincial championships and from the timer to the referee, every volunteer position needs to be filled.


The following is a summary and description as to who you may see at meets and what each position is responsible for. 


We will be asking and encouraging all parents to try various positions out by shadowing an experienced volunteer parent. 

The​ ​Officials​ ​Roles

Timers: Best seat in the house! Timers are responsible for getting the official time for the swimmer. The job entails pushing a plunger to stop the backup system when the swimmer touches the wall. There are no qualifications to be a timer but a short seminar if you are new to it will be helpful. 


Hospitality: The hospitality coordinator organizes the menu and the purchase of the food to be served to our volunteers and coaches. Hospitality workers assist with preparing the food on trays and serving food and refreshments on deck. No training necessary.


Chief​ ​Timer: The chief timer is a designated timer who is not assigned a lane, but would have a stopwatch running each race and would be available to back up a lane in case one of the lane timers did not have a watch running that race. Training and experience is required.


Marshalling: Safety Marshals are present on deck during warm-ups. The marshal keeps an eye on swimmers to make sure the safety warm-up procedures are followed. For younger swimmers, Divs 1-3, the Marshals will actively group the swimmers into their heats and line them up before their races. Experience is an asset.


Stroke​ ​&​ ​Turn: Stroke and Turn officials are responsible for making sure the swimmers do not make any stroke infractions. Training and shadowing is required.


ARES/Dolphin/Colorado: These computer savvy individuals work in the booth on the pool deck and run the timing equipment to ensure accurate results. Training and experience is required. 

Crash Desk (Recorder Scorer): This position requires training and experience. Works with Meet Manager software.  You are someone who can make quick and accurate decisions evaluating results. The Recorder Scorer works closely with the timing systems group. Training is required 


Clerk​ ​of​ ​Course:​ The clerk of course is the person working on the computer on deck. The Clerk accepts scratches and deck entries and notifies the referee of any changes. The Clerk also enters the names of swimmers in relays. Training and experience is required.


Starter: The starter works along side the referee to signal the beginning of each race. Training and experience is required.


Referee: The referee is the official who is in charge of the session. The referee will signal the starter that the race is ready to begin and is the person that stroke and turn officials report to in case of any disqualifications.  Training and experience is required. 


Meet​ ​Manager:​ ​The Meet Manager is the lead on deck. The organization and format of the meet is decided by the Meet Manager. Training and experience is required.

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