No Parents on deck please


We find that it is very difficult for coaches and swimmers to focus on the task at hand if parents are on the deck. Plus it’s pretty congested back there! Please watch from the designated viewing areas. If you need to speak to a coach please email the head coach to arrange a time before or after your child’s practice. Thank you!

Summer Program (May - August)

Summer 2020 Registration will begin in March. Stay Tuned!

We are a Summer Swim Club associated with the BC Summer Swimming Association, known as BCSSA, www.bcsummerswimming.com.


Our competitive season runs from May 1st to mid August. During the competitive season we train up to 7 times a week and we attend swim meets from Salt Spring to Campbell River.


It's a ton of fun!

Winter Program (October - April)

Our Winter Maintenance program allows for a maximum of 2 hour a week of training with a coach.  Swimmers chose 2 days from Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday to swim at Panorama. 2019-2020 fees are here

During this time we work on technique and endurance as well as throwing in some fun team building activities. It is a great introduction to our club & competitive swimming.


• You can find the Practice schedule here.


• The first 15 minutes of each practice is activation, warming up on deck.


• We ask that you to stick to the two days you have picked but if you need to make the occasional change you may do so if there is room on the other day. Please be sure to check with the head coach before you make any changes. If you are unsure of which days you signed up for, please contact our registrar at piranhas.registrar@gmail.com .

IMPORTANT - The BC Summer Swimming Association (BCSSA) has a strict Two Hour-Rule which does not allow summer swimmers to train with a coach (a coach is ANYONE who provides coaching to the swimmer - parents and friends count!) for more than two hours a week (Sunday to Saturday) during winter maintenance (exceptions include Red Cross lessons, school swim clubs if training within designated time frame, synchronized swimming & water polo classes).


Any practice switches must adhere to this rule. For example, if you usually swim on Friday & Saturday you cannot practice on Sunday of that week because then you would be swimming three times in one Sunday-Saturday week - Sunday, Friday, Saturday.


Confusing, we know!

What to Bring to Practice

• Your child will need a swim suit (jammers or speedos preferred for boys - board shorts are difficult to swim in), towel & goggles. Swim caps are required for children with long hair. Piranhas caps are available at a cost of $5.00, email president@sidneypiranhas.com . ​

• All other equipment will be provided.


• If you are not already signed up, please sign up for emails on the Piranhas website in order to receive important information about the club. This is our main form of communication and you will miss lots of information if you do not receive these newsletters. The link for sign up is at the bottom of the home page.

• We have a Facebook Page (Piranhas Swim Club - Family Fun Page) that requires you to be invited (we keep it closed for reasons of privacy). We encourage you to check it out. If you have a Facebook friend who is a member of the group they can invite you to join or you can email us to ask for an invitation.

• Feel free to contact our Club Presidents Jon and Sara any time at president@sidneypiranhas.com.

• We ask that you do not disturb our coaches while they are working. If you’d like to set up a meeting with any of them please contact our head coach at headcoach@piranhas.com.


• To help offset the high costs of pool rental & coaching there is a requirement that families fundraise $200 during the October to April session. These funds go towards costs for our Winter Maintenance program.

• We have some good opportunities to help families raise these funds including raffle ticket sales, a swim-a-thon and a bottle drive in the Spring. We also have an account at the Bottle Depot in Sidney so you can drop off your bottles at your convenience, tell them to put the funds towards the Piranhas account and then put your receipt, with your name on it, in the grey drop box next to the bulletin board.

• You can also cover your fundraising duties by sponsoring our club! A $500 annual sponsorship will get the company name/logo on our team shirts (available for summer swimmers), website and on the wall of the Panorama (signs are an additional one time cost of $85 + tax). If you are interested in more information please contact us at sidney.piranhas.marketing@gmail.com .  

• If you do not participate in fundraising your credit card will be charged or your  cheques will be cashed. If you do not achieve the $100 we will require a cheque for the difference.

Parent Program

• Our parent program focuses on fun and fitness! The group meets on Fridays at 5:30-6:30 pm and is coached by Piranhas coaches. All abilities are welcome. Cost is $198 for the season (October 7 – April 21) and the second parent is 20% off. 

• For more information please contact our registrar at piranhas.registrar@gmail.com .

Cancellation Policy

Please note that the following policy is in effect: A swimmer will not have their fees reimbursed if they choose to discontinue their membership with the club unless they have a medical reason for doing so. Notice of a medical reason must be given in writing to the club registrar. Special circumstances may be submitted to the Board of Directors for consideration of requests for fee credits.


For NEW swimmers only, a two-week trial period is offered with the option of withdrawing from the club with a full refund minus the insurance fee of $23 and a $50 processing fee.






Piranhas Swimmers and Coaches are in the pool most days!  Come check us out!

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