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Hell Week

Hello Piranhas! Here is our hell week information sheet. These events will take place from July 17th to the 21st, leading into our final meet before Regionals! Any questions about the following information can be directed at Coach Fynn, Coach Sophie or Coach Emma.


This year’s theme will be Shrek, featuring team Shrek, team Donkey, team Fiona and team Prince charming.Team captains will be announced at the start of hell week, along with overall team assignments. Swimmers will earn points for attendance, costumes and team spirit throughout the week. Attendance at every event is not mandatory, but highly encouraged! 


Monday: Team Hike


  1. Arrive at 9:00am at Munns road parking lot to hike Mt. Work

  2. Bring running shoes, water and a snack!

  3. 10 and under’s will need an adult with them

  4. Map: Mount Work Regional Park - Munn Road Parking Lot

Tuesday: Pool Splash and Dash


  1. White group arrive for 3:45 for a 4:00 pm water start

    • White group will be doing a 500m swim followed by a 2km run

  2. Black group also arrive at 3:45 for a 4:00 pm water start

    • Black group will be doing a 1000m swim and a 3km run

  3. Red group arrive at 4:45 for a 5:00 pm start

    • Red group will be doing a 1500m swim and a 5km run

  4. Bring swim gear, running shoes, water and a snack

  5. Bring a white t-shirt (or anything else white, socks, scarf, etc…) to tie-dye before or after your splash and dash and wear it proudly at the SaltSpring meet!

Wednesday: Thetis Lake Splash and Dash


  1. From 4:00-7:00 pm at Thetis lake

  2. Bring swim gear, running shoes, water and a snack!

  3. Div 3+ swimmers will do a 750m-1500m swim followed by a 3 - 5km run

  4. Div 2 and below can participate in the run, but will just have fun time in the lake

  5. This event is paired with the Oak Bay Orcas! Their coaches and swimmers will be joining in the fun!

*If there are any lifeguards available for this event, we are still looking for people to help out!


Thursday: Boot Camp and Water Fight

  1. Starting at 1:00 pm at Centennial Park

  2. Bring running shoes, workout clothing, a water bottle and a change of clothes

  3. We will start with our dryland bootcamp from 1:00-2:00 pm, followed by our water fight! Water balloons will be provided at the event…

  4. Regular workout times will be happening after this event

Friday: Closing Ceremonies and Pancake Breakfast


  1. Starting at 8:00 am we have our final installment of hell week!

  2. Please bring your own plates, cups and cutlery

  3. This morning will comprise of a pancake breakfast, followed by hell week awards and prizes

  4. This will take place at Tulista park in Sidney Tulista Park

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